Advantech Solution Forum Outlines Internet of Things (IOT) and New Technology
Advantech Solution Forum Outlines Internet of Things (IOT) and New Technology
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Advantech Solution Forum Outlines Internet of Things (IOT) and New Technology

Advantech, the world’s leading IPC and eAutomation provider, hosted a forum between China and Taiwan in August, 2010 about the “Internet of Things” (IOT), that looked at the trends and technologies that will enable this massively interconnected future. This event invited several experts to discuss the new opportunities of IOT, including Paul Liu (Executive of General Business of IBM Taiwan), Shey-Shi Lu (Director, Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering, National Taiwan University), Duh Der-Lin (Deputy Director General, i236 Promotion Office of MOEA), Ping Wang (College of Automation, Chongqing University of Posts And Telecommunications), and Professor Wen-Jong Wu (Convener, Center of Innovation and Synergy for Intelligent Home Technology).

Looking at the history of computers, from mainframes, to the PC or Internet, technological breakthroughs generally occur every 15 years or so. In the “PC-World” past, computers linked people with things, now in the “eWorld” they link people with people, and in the “Ubiquitous-World” (U-world) future they will link things with things. Starting in 2010, the industry will enter a new era of IOT and Cloud Computing. This means that the future of technology and computing will be an IOT world through which self-configuring devices will be connected to billions of other devices and enabled through intelligent entities which query each other and create intelligent information and services.

The President of Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group, MingChin Wu said, “We believe the time of IOT has come. According to the Forrester Research prediction, the global revenues from IOT will be thirty times higher than the Internet; many Governments, including the United States, European Union, Japan, South Korea, and mainland China have made huge investments in IOT to encourage its development. Besides, CCID consulting also forecast that IOT revenues will reach 750 billion RMB by 2015”.

Wu further stated, “Advantech will play a leading role in the IOT era by providing comprehensive system components for sensing applications. Our rich experience with WSN I/O modules can supply various components of embedded connectivity and value-added solutions and services. We will upgrade our software functions from network management to cloud applications and enhance secure interconnection through a standard interface and built-in intelligent-enabled devices. Advantech will be an enabler in the intelligent planet via our services. We will create more intelligent lifestyle choices and become the leading brand of IOT in the intelligent U-World”.

Four main topics were discussed at this forum, including intelligent transportation, smart buildings, environment and homeland security, as well as smart homes.

Regarding intelligent transportation, China Mobile forecasts the potential business opportunities for the IOT is thirty times higher than the Internet. Taiwan has the best advantage to gain hundreds of billions of dollars worth of business because it owns the crucial technologies such as WSN I/O modules, software and development kits, and RFID high-frequency products. In regard to intelligent buildings, IOT can offer a variety of security protections through wireless sensors. Furthermore, building automation, building energy management systems, and integration with renewable energies enable buildings to become an important part of the smart grid.

Global warming issues raise the importance of environmental safety monitoring. Through real-time systems, the data processing of cloud computing, and integration of remote monitoring technology, IOT will become the best defense for environmental protection and homeland security. Based on the IOT concept, the integration of front-end sensors and back-end management are the best choice for intelligent buildings. And, in association with telecommunication operators, system integrators can quickly provide related products and services to create smart homes.

In the future U‐World, Advantech will play an important role and dedicate more effort to the IOT industry. At the same time, Advantech’s stated mission of “Enabling an Intelligent Planet” welcomes the upcoming era of the Internet Of Things and reaches toward the vision of a ubiquitous network which can connect anyone, anything, anytime, anyhow, and anywhere via innovative smart technologies.Rich Text